Covid To Do List

Just wrapping up week five in Covidland. The weather is not cooperating with the concept of spring. We’ve had snow two days this week even though it’s mid April.

Good news: I love the haircut B gave me; I’m exercising more often; and I’m building some cred with my homemade sourdough.

Less good news: I’m starting to rely on a steady drip of chocolate and homemade carbohydrates; fox have decided to build a den under our shed; Fez has the pukes; Donald Trump is still president and people can still be genuinely, shockingly, repugnantly self-centered and stupid (for posterity, this is the week that armed mobs are protesting social distancing and demanding reopening, and Tump urged them on 🤯🤮). At a later date, I will share the news of people inspiring me with their selfless acts of bravery. Today not so much.

Here’s my Covid to-do list:

1. Call the auto insurance company to see if we can get a reduction in our rates.

2. Obsess over the two active PeaPod orders to make sure we’re getting everything I can possibly think of and backups just in case half of the list doesn’t show again.

3. Spray the fruit trees and fruit bushes.

4. Put away all the food yet-to-be-sorted in the basement to make way for the next delivery.

5. Update the inventory of frozen and fresh meat.

6. Find the instruction manual for assembling the chicken coop to make sure we have everything that’s needed.

7. Use the edger to extend the perennial beds near the house and move the shrubs so there is space for the cold frame and more veg space for when we can get soil.

8. Call the company that’s the lease holder on our truck to find out how many months are left on the lease so we can trade it in for something much smaller and much less money or negotiate a ridiculously good deal to purchase it outright when the lease is up. Goal: cut monthly payment in half.

On the personal front, some of the mind-bending changes are the least obvious. It’s not about being home, which still has yet to bother me. When I get antsy I take a nice long walk. Turns out I really like my Boys, husband, and talking more often with friends and family.

The things that mess with my head are very different: wondering if, how, when this whole thing ends and if I will be comfortable with what the schools decide, or the governor declares, or the demands of work; worrying that we need to purchase now everything we might need for months but not sure if that’s actually required or if we should spend the money; pondering what summer is like with no break away from the house or away from work; taking things that were my de-stressing hobbies and turning them into necessities with pressures, like growing our own food, baking and cooking; having discussions about which bill to stop paying first if we are in that situation; and managing the paradox of being home but somehow feeling less available for my family during the day and with even less time to do things. Covidland conundrums.

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