It’s the start of week five in Coronaville. The news isn’t pretty (peak yet?), school has been extended to May 20 (highly unlikely), but I’m shockingly happy tucked in at home. Having a healthy family and friends, a paycheck, and yard to work in with access to long walks with Fez are difference-makers. I’ve got few complaints.

The boys are great. I. is still living the good life, chatting with friends all day long and accomplishing a minimal amount of school to everyone’s satisfaction. And I’m completely happy with that. I like to think he’s content because we rock, which is part of it, but he’s free from getting up at 6:30 and hallway bells and free to chat all day with his boys.

Despite the constant emails and assignments coming from every direction, I’m happy if A. is simply reading, writing, and keeping up with math. That, plus moving around a bit during the day and helping out around the house, is good for me. Wrestling keeps A. fully occupied. There’s playing with wrestling action figures, creating new wrestling moves, acting out existing wrestling moves, quizzing me on different wrestlers’ moves, watching wrestling on TV, and playing wrestling games. It’s a pretty good menu.  A constant drip keeps him going and happy.  We all agree live wrestling with an audience just isn’t the same, but that’s a small sacrifice in support of end of the global pandemic.

And Brett. Master politico. Master COVID news tracker. Master skeptic. Master planner. And now master haircutter. I love my COVIDcut. We should’ve started off with this. Looking good and feeling good. 

Mom is doing well, with the help of her gift of being very happy to be an introvert when needed and happy to be an extrovert when needed. We talk about twice a day, finding ways to keep in touch. A lot of recipes sharing. A lot of frustration sharing about what’s happening in the world. And just sending love back-and-forth.

Who would’ve thought that Zoom would become part of family life. We started zoom calls with dad, Antonia, Whitney, Sarah, and James. Three countries making it happen. James has a few weeks free from having the virus. I couldn’t have been fun to be alone and be sick. Glad he’s well, and all the Ps. N. is frustrated that the end of his freshman year of college was cut short, or turned into this weird online thing that seems to have none of the benefits of college. M. and L. seem to be getting on. There’s just a lot of getting on going on. Same with the cousins. Time to check back in with uncle B. and aunt S. Post cancer treatment, this fits her speed. But uncle B. is itchy and ready to be out of the apartment.  It’s concerning the diabetes, already a problem for the family, puts Mom and uncle B. at increased risk. Lots of wood-knocking going on that everyone is safe and taking care of themselves. And has the option to do that. ❤️

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